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To provide a fitness facility for certified personal trainers to conduct their personal training business as independent contractors, with fair and reasonable rental fees.
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Owner - Susan Siebert

Owner - Susan Siebert
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Susan Siebert is a truly excellent trainer. She is the perfect combination of tough ("Susan, you are KILLING me!") and tender ("Ed, you are doing SO well"). She works with the whole me -- mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of Susan's efforts, I am stronger and more flexible. I have better balance and most importantly, despite a ridiculous job with 100+ hours, I am in better shape today than when I started my job 3 and a half years ago. I recommend Susan wholeheartedly.
~ Edwin J. Lopez-Soto, Esq.

I have had the pleasure of working with Susan at the Physical Forum for the past year, and am amazed at the transformation that she has accomplished. I have lost weight but more importantly, I have gained strength particularly in my core. I have improved my balance and agility. This was done through Susan’s instruction with interesting and changing exercises. One is never bored with Susan as the exercises are challenging using different types of equipment. Yet Susan accompanies her regimen with an understanding of my potential physical limitations and preferences. I suspect with Susan’s help I will forestall aging-related problems such as falls, immobility, and etc. I recommend her as a personal trainer for people of all ages. Her facility is excellent.
~ Henry S. Richter, Retired Cardiologist

In the past, I would join a gym and not know how to utilize the equipment. At Physical Forum, Susan provides one on one personal training with patience and accuracy, which makes for an enjoyable
workout. She does this by providing just the right dosage of honesty, encouragement and motivation. Susan is not your average personal trainer because she goes the extra mile. Having her as personal trainer has changed my entire outlook on dieting and working out! Susan is AWESOME!
~ Yolanda Johnson

Working out with Susan has been the best experience for both of us. My husband and I have changed not only the way we exercise, but the way we eat. We've both seen great improvement in how we look and feel. Susan is a trainer that knows her stuff and does a great job getting to know her clients and their workout needs. My husband and I highly recommend Susan and The Physical Forum!
~ Jill & Robert Galinski

Susan Siebert has changed my life with her careful, yet aggressive training program. I have lost 20 pounds, no longer have back pain, and am in the best shape of my life...I love it when people think I am ten years younger...who doesn't? As to her studio...I don't want to go to a place with 300 people, offering date potentials or lattes...standing in line for machines. Her facility is impeccably clean and her passion for my health and well-being will make me a client forever.
~ Ferdinand J. Smith, CEO Jay Advertising

Susan's circuit training classes/workouts are amazing! They combine her intense knowledge, a multitude of diverse exercises and cardio - all wrapped up in an incredibly motivating package!
~ Scott Page, Full Moon Vista Bike and Sport

Susan is a great trainer. She's inventive, insightful and a good teacher. She's demanding of the individual and consistently strives to keep the exercises challenging and varied to achieve well-balanced strength."
~ Jan Opalach, Voice Professor, Eastman School of Music

Susan Siebert is a true professional that provides excellent service to her clients.
~ Caroline Portanova, CEO Catholic Family Charities

After an orthopedic surgeon told me I would never regain full range of motion in my shoulder, after a year of three times a week unsuccessful physical therapy, a friend recommended Susan. Within a few short months of following Susan's weight training exercises, I regained 100% range of motion and use of my shoulder. Susan succeeded where all others failed. I owe my ability to move easily through the day to her skill and dedication.
~ Maureen Pineau, Esq.

The Physical Forum is personalized, comfortable and has a pleasant atmosphere, but most of all it's clean.
~ Dr. Robert Helft

What makes a great personal trainer? One where you look forward to each training session. Susan Siebert is that personal trainer. I’m lighter, I’m healthier and I’m stronger – thanks to individualized and motivational training sessions that vary with each visit. It never gets boring and I’ve been working out with Susan for 5 years. The Physical Forum is THE place for a personal workout in Rochester.
~ Nancy Sears, Software Consultant

I started training with Susan twenty years ago. The environment is great, the training is focused and Susan balances pushing me to my limits while understanding her clients' capabilities and aging bodies.
~ Mark Chaplin, Property Management

Susan has been my personal trainer for fifteen years. I have been challenged at every session. We try many different routines that are tailored for me, and I am never bored as Susan is always using new methods in my workouts. I followed Susan from a gym to her own studio, I am that confident in her ability to help me keep my youthfulness!
~ Carol Guinta, Retired Teacher

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