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To provide a fitness facility for certified personal trainers to conduct their personal training business as independent contractors, with fair and reasonable rental fees.
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Owner - Susan Siebert

Owner - Susan Siebert
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The concept of The Physical Forum was born in 1988 while discussing a possible name/logo for my personal training service. 23 years of being an independent contractor and many hours of thought have resulted in the formation of the actual facility at 1350 University Avenue, Rochester, NY. The training facility is available to those personal trainers that have developed a clientele, are comfortable working for themselves and have the desire to train in an exclusive fitness facility where they are free to conduct their business as they choose. Professionalism, mutual respect and ethical conduct are the basis of The Physical Forum’s business objective.The Physical Forum, LLC is essentially an extension of each individual trainer’s business, and should be thought of in that regard, with pride taken in his or her working environment.


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