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Owner - Susan Siebert

Owner - Susan Siebert
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WELCOME to our newest page - "KUDOS".  I decided that anyone that competes in a challenge, be it a personal challenge or a contest between participants, they should be recognized and congratulated for the training, preparation and the time devoted to such activity.  Many times there is not only the numerous hours of hard work, but there is courage in experiencing something new and untried.  So, henceforth, I will be posting such news on this page to recognize known individuals that have accepted a challenge - whether it is one of our personal trainers or any of their clients. 

ONE of the most important factors of competitive activity is that it should be fun....on some level...it

might not be til after it is all over, but one should at the very least upon reflection, admit that it was fun at some juncture. 



Mentally and physically preparing for that first jump!

Yolanda Johnson has been training with Susan at The Physical Forum for a few years now, and made a decision to test her new-found abilities on the Insane 5K Inflatable Obstacle Course.  I remember one of the first weeks that Landa started training with me - she got there early and was watching my clients (Rob and Jill Galinsky), finish up their workout with the hanging abs exercise.  She was really impressed with how they made that look so easy and vowed that she too, wanted to be able to do that!  Well, needless to say, she persevered and she now does them without any of the difficulty that plagued her in the beginning.  She has shown great dedication and has overcome more than a few obstacles along the path of improving her physical fitness level and abilities.  
"This was the first time that I really wanted to try something that physically competitive.  I am so glad that I did!  The whole course was a challenge, but the hardest part was the 3 huge balls that we had to jump on - one after the other.  I made them all without falling off!  All I could think about when facing them, was all the times Susan had me jumping on the Bosu - I knew that she would be proud of me if I could get over them without falling off!  It was incredibly fun and I will be there again next year!"  
The Insane 5K Inflatable Obstacle Course featured 11 inflated obstacles - with names like Jump Around, Wrecking Balls, Mattress Run, The Humps, The Mad House, Slingshot, Wave Runner and Big Balls, you know that it required a lot of balance and all-over body strength to successfully complete the course with no injuries!  I am indeed, very proud of Landa's success with not only the competition, but with her commitment to herself and her fitness program.

Making the first successful leap!


Chrissy, Kathy and Jen on Machu Picchu

Kathy Rose and her two daughters, Jen and Chrissy, finally made the trip they had talked about for years to the incredible Machu Picchu.  The journey was a challenging one, especially for Kathy, who was dealing with multiple injuries prior to the departure.  Her daughter, Jen, had this to say about the trip…
“Our Inca Trail trip took over six months of planning to achieve four awesome days of history, culture, and physical challenge all blended together.  Hiking up and down 600-year-old stone steps over and through the world's second largest mountain range was a constant test in balancing our mental awe and amazement, with the struggle to breathe the thin air at 14,000 ft in elevation.
My mom is both the kindest and least judgmental person I know when it comes to others, while still holding herself to the toughest of standards.  I know she's wanted to tackle this hike for years, and I was so excited that she, my sister and I finally got the opportunity to do it together.  After two rotator cuff surgeries in the past five years and current hip and knee problems, I know she was concerned she might not be able to do it, but working with Susan definitely helped build back the mental confidence and physical abilities she's always had.  As it was, I think the cold-weather camping and breathing at high elevation ended up being more difficult for all of us than the hiking itself, and I'm sure much of that for my mom was due to Susan's great preparation.”
And in Kathy’s words…..
“This was the physically most challenging thing I have ever done and I’m sure I could not have done it without the preparation work I did with you and my physical therapist.  You not only helped me improve my strength, fitness, and awareness of my body and how to get it to do what I needed it to, you also helped make a dream come true for me and my girls.  Thank you Susan!”

Congratulations to Kathy, Jen and Chrissy on the success of an incredible experience that required such planning and preparation, especially the physical training and dedication they all put forth for the months preceding their endeavor!


                                      Kudos to Jean Stubbings!!!!

Our congratulations go out to Jean Stubbings for her most recent accomplishment in power lifting.  Jean currently holds the State and National and World records in the power curl in the 50-59 age group.  On November 22, 2014 Jean broke the State and the National record with an 80 pound curl at the WNPF World Meet right here in Rochester.
Jean trains with Jameson Nicolazzo at the studio and credits her success to Jameson and his training program.  Jean has been working with Jameson for about 10 years.
 “Jameson’s training has greatly helped me with my confidence and my competitions in power lifting.  He has helped me learn the importance of functional training and a strong core.  Weight lifting isn’t just about how much you can lift.”
Jean started competing in 2008 and by 2009 she broke the State, National and World records at the World Meet in New Jersey.  Then again, in 2011 she broke all three records at the meet in Philadelphia.  Jean currently holds the power curl records in both the 40-49 and the 50-59 age classes.  All of this is quite impressive alone, however, Jean was also battling health issues along the way.  In addition to a 3 year struggle with skin cancer, she was also dealing with constant stress fractures in both feet.  Not succumbing to either issue, she would appear at the studio with a foot in a cast and a smile on her face ready to train as best as possible towards accomplishing her goal of competing once again.  Obviously, it worked.  Her positive outlook helped her surmount the many months of pain and setbacks, to succeed with her goals.
Jean’s next competition is February, 2015.  “I hope to compete throughout the year and make it back to the World Meet which will be in Las Vegas in November.  Thank you Jameson for helping me accomplish my goal.  I couldn’t have done this without your help.”
Our best wishes and support to Jean in all her future endeavors!

                               TOUGH MUDDER!!!

Rob Galinsky, Financial Advisor with First Niagara, was recruited by one of his bosses to be a part of his team and ended up going it by himself when his boss was injured prior to the Mudder.  "I didn't really know any of the other guys on the team as they were from the Buffalo office." Since he had no way of contacting the other team members, he didn't know that they were running late...he went it alone.    He finished in 2 hours 15 min....wet, muddy but triumphant.   Rob and his wife Jill (his main supporter) trained with Susan at the studio for over a month of grueling workouts to be ready for the Mudder.  "Our main objective was to get Rob through the course without any injuries as he plays soccer and couldn't bear not playing the remainder of their games this season.  I am very happy and proud to say that both Rob and Jill have made considerable gains in their fitness levels and  Rob did finish unscathed in the Tough Mudder".                                        Congratulations Rob!!!  

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