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To provide a fitness facility for certified personal trainers to conduct their personal training business as independent contractors, with fair and reasonable rental fees.
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Owner - Susan Siebert

Owner - Susan Siebert
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Thinking About Becoming More Active?

Do you need help in starting a fitness program?  Not sure how to start or where? The Physical Forum, LLC is here to do just that!
With the warm days of summer pretty much behind us here in Rochester, it's a good time to consider how to stay active or to get active!  We are here for ya!  Why not let us direct you in the best way for you to develop a healthier, more active lifestyle this fall?  We have options for whatever you are able to do, or what you aspire to doing.
We are welcoming new, (or former), clients at the studio and look forward to helping you get started on your path to an active, healthier life!  Call, text or email:  Susan - 585.313.2771 or smsphysforum@yahoo.com

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