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To provide a fitness facility for certified personal trainers to conduct their personal training business as independent contractors, with fair and reasonable rental fees.
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Owner - Susan Siebert

Owner - Susan Siebert
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Osteoporosis is not just a concern for your grandmother.  Sure, age has an impact on the wear and tear on our bones, however, did you know that avid cyclists are also at risk regardless of gender or age?  Cyclists that do not regularly engage in weight-bearing or resistance training exercise increase their chances of being affected by osteoporosis.
Take some time to get off the bike and increase your bone density and strength with a regular resistance training program.  You can lower the risk of osteoporosis and increase your ability to ride longer and faster without as much fatigue!  Feel better when you get done with your ride as well!  Not to mention you will have more ease with your everyday functions!
Team, partner or individual training programs for recreational or competitive cyclists will be developed by Susan at The Physical Forum, LLC to meet your needs, goals, level of fitness or experience with resistance training.    
Why wait any longer?  Call Susan to set up your consultation or 
to get more information and answer any questions you have.
Email: Susan@Thephysicalforum.com

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